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Greetings from the Chairman

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Hello, my respected Yangcheon-gu people!

It is Byeong-wan Seo,
the chair of Yangcheon District Council.

I sincerely welcome you to Yangcheon-gu Council’s website.

Dear citizens of Yangcheon District!
Hello, this is Byeong-wan Seo, the chair of Yangcheon District Council.
With all your expectations and hopes, the second half of the 8th Yangcheon District Council has finally started.

I feel a great sense of responsibility taking this position as a chair in these difficult times but I promise you that I will do my utmost to make the citizens of Yangcheon District happy and to make Yangcheon District a much better place.

As the representative body of citizens, Yangcheon District Council will strive to achieve its goal, “Open Council, Local Autonomy For the Citizens”. The 18 members of the Council maintain checks and balances on the executive body of the city administration, pay attention to the voices of the citizens and carry out field-oriented activities to become a council trusted by its people.

We hope this website serves as a communicative space that shares the activities of Yangcheon District Council and a space where we hear your valuable opinions.

We ask for your continued interest and support and, we promise you that we will always serve you to the best of our abilities.

Thank you.

Byeong-wan Seo, the Chairman of Yangcheon-gu Council

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