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Council Member
Council members are a member of local assembly, who are elected in residents’ direct election, and as a representative of the residents. The Council members are the right to participate in decision making & the duty to fulfill the function faithfully. The term is 4 years, and Yangcheon-gu Council consists of 18 members.
Chairman & Vice Chairman
A chairman represents the local assembly & a vice chairman acting for chairman’s job in chase of chairman’s accidents are elected among council members. Their term is 2 years, and the chairman carries out his/her jobs including representing the council and supervising administration in the council.
Committees, installed similarly to administrational organizations in enforcement agencies, consist of standing committees which review & process bills & petitions under the jurisdiction of special committees to process certain bills. Yangcheon-gu Council has 3 standing committees, and a special committee is installed by vote in a plenary session, if necessary.
Council establishes a secretariat which helps process jobs for the council more efficiently and to carry out its functions including review & votes of ordinance bills, confirmation of budgets, etc. Secretariat of Yangcheon-gu Council consists of 1 secretary-general, advisory committees, & other staff.
Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart

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